1. What is diecast?

 A: Diecast is a term used in the hobby industry referring to a model made with a metal body. Diecast metal is made of zinc alloy.   Diecast models are not necessarily 100% metal models.

 2: How big is the scale?

 A: For example, 1:18 scale model means that the length of the model is 1/18 of an actual vehicle. If you chop up a vehicle into 18 pieces, one piece length will be the same length as the 1:18 scale model. 1:18 Scale cars are about 10"-12" long. 1:64 Scale cars are about 3" long, 1:24 Scale cars are about 7"-8" long,1:32 Scale cars are about 4"-5" long, 1:12 Scale cars are about 13"-15" long. Our descriptions   on each item also show approximate dimensions.

 3: Do you drop ship?

 A: Yes. If you need your order shipped to another address other than your own we can have it drop shipped for you. We will ship your order from our Fulfillment Center. We only drop-ship orders to the 48 continental United States. When you place a dropship order you will need to login to your account and place the order using the shipping information of your customer. Whether your a reseller or a hobby enthusiasts we are here to serve you. Once your order is shipped you will receive a tracking number from us.

 4: What is the shipped from address on the shipping label?

 A: All items will be shipped from our Fulfillment Center so your customers will never see the source from where you purchase your products.

 5: Are there drop shipping fees for orders?

 A: No, we do not charge drop shipping fees for orders.

 6: Do you require a minimum purchase?

 A: No, we do not require a minimum purchase.

 7: Do you ship internationally?

 A; We do not ship orders outside the USA at this time.

 8: How much is the shipping cost?

 A: Shipping is free on all ground shipments. Expedited and signature required options are available at checkout.

 9: Do we need to purchase $4.00 signature confirmation at the checkout?

 A: You do not have to purchase $4.00 signature delivery at checkout. Please note that we are not responsible for lost packages if signature is not purchased. Expedited UPS shipping option already includes signature on delivery.

10: How will the orders be shipped if expedited service is chosen?

A; If you choose expedited 2 day service at checkout, shipping carriers do not count a pickup day as a business day, delivery will be made on the 3rd business day for 2 day service and on the 4th business day for 3 day expedited service. These delivery dates exclude Saturday delivery. Please note: 2 and 3 days expedited shipping include delivery confirmation fees.

11: What shipping method do you use for free shipping?

A: Our system automatically chooses a method which will be delivered faster to customers. Usually USPS Priority or FedEX.

12: How long does it take to process and ship orders?

A: All orders are processed and shipped within 1 to 2 business days. Some orders are shipped the same business day.

13: What is the delivery time for orders?

A: The delivery time depends on the shipping method that we use. Usually it is 3 to 7 business days depending on the destination address.

14: Do you collect sales tax?

A: We collect sales tax on orders shipped to California only. Current tax for drop shipping merchandise in California is 9.9%. If you hold a valid California Seller Permit please email it to us so that we will not charge you California sales tax.

15: Do I need to have a business license and/or seller's permit?

A: No, we do not require you to have a business license or re-sellers permit to purchase from us. We sell to all collectors whether they own a business or are a hobby enthusiast.

16: What method of payments do you accept?

A: All orders are processed online through PayPal or Square. Cards accepted are Visa, Master Card, Discover, or American Express. You can sign up for a PayPal account at Sign up for a square account at

17: How do I know when an item is sold out?

We receive updates on which items are not in stock on a daily basis. We will remove these items from our site or mark them as out of stock until they arrive back in stock. On occasion you may be able to place a product in your shopping cart and submit your order for processing, but items are not removed from our site. If this happens we will subsequently cancel your order due to item being not available. We then will credit your account if such item is not available at the time. 

18: Do all products come in the manufacturer packaging?

A: Yes, all items do come in original manufacturer packaging. Please note: At some point manufacturers might change the look of the original boxes that models come in. The look of the original boxes may vary. The models however will stay exactly the same.

19: Will my customer receive two items as shown on the pictures?

A: Our images show the picture of the original boxes and items outside of the original boxes. This is for informational purposes only. Only one item will be received.

20: What will the shipping label say on all orders that are shipped?

A: When we ship the product to customers, we use shipping labels showing "Fulfillment Center" as a ship from address on the shipping label.

21: Do you offer discounts?

A: You receive an additional 10% discount on every item that is added to the shopping cart.